Leak Detection Services

At VPC, we have developed a great expertise in leak detection using tracer gas (Helium or Hydrogen). Our services include the sale of helium and hydrogen leak detectors as well as support and services.

In many applications and industries like power generation, coating, food and packaging industry, automotive, space and aeronautics industries, submarine cables, HVAC as well as any vacuum systems, we can help with our wide range of helium and hydrogen leak detectors.

In pressure (sniffing) or vacuum mode, portable or industrial, our leak detectors provide detection level as low as 5x10E-12mbar.l/s and work in the many different units used in the industry like Torr.l/s, ppm, sccm, sccs, etc…

We have several units available for rental and we also provide on-site or in-house leak detection services.

See also our demo and refurbished products page for instruments on sale.

VPC also offers calibration services on helium leak detectors. We provide NIST traceable certificate and can perform preventive maintenance on any brand’s instruments.

We also provide a leak detection training course, customized for customer’s application and usage.

Products :